Domain Name and its Importance

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What is a domain name?

Domain name, often referred to as a “web address”, is the address that people type into a browser address bar to find a website. A registered domain name is unique and can’t be used by more than once, as it functions on the Internet in a similar way like a street address in the physical world. Web domain name or domain name consists of a sequence of letters/numbers/hyphens or can be a combination of all these separated by one or more periods that act like an indicator to a unique numerical address (IP) on a computer network such as the Internet.

A domain name always ends with an extension of 2 or 3 characters such as .com, .edu, .org, .govt, .bd. These characters can signify the country the website address belongs to or the type of organization.

How do domain name works?

Domain name operates under the Domain Name System (DNS), which is the address book of the Internet that helps to direct the visitors to your website by translating the name into its related IP
address number sequence and locating where the resource is stored.

What are the different types of domain names?

1. Top Level Domain (TLD): These are the highest level domains in the internet’s DNS structure.

Top level domains are divided into three major types

• ccTLD –country code Top Level Domains are two letter domains that established for geographical locations; for example; .bd signifies Bangaldesh.
• gTLD – Generic Top Level Domain can be registered by anyone from anywhere in the world. Most known generic TLD’s includes .com, .net, .org, .info.
• IDN ccTLD –internationalized country code Top Level Domains are the top level name with specially encoded format that it to be displayed in a special characters set.

2. Second Level: These types of domain fall directly below a TLD in the DNS hierarchy. For example;

3. Third Level: These types of domain fall directly below a second level in the DNS hierarchy. For example;

4. Sub-domain: Is the part of a higher ranked domain in the DNS hierarchy; e.g.

Every computer connected to the Internet has an Internet Protocol (IP) address: A unique set of four numeric/digits separated by periods, like as Since memorizing all your favorite Web sites IP address would be difficult, a group of computer experts invented the domain name system to assign a unique name to each numeric IP address. But a domain name has much more significance than a technical shortcut. In the World Wide Web, a short and meaningful domain name has a greater importance. On the cyberspace, you might get popular just because of a short and easily memorable domain name, which might be a step ahead from others from getting successful.

Importance of having a domain name:

For any business, whether it’s a big one or a small one, a domain name adds extra credibility. It’s a symbol for any company being professional on the web. Things have changed a lot from the past, nowadays people search on the internet for almost everything they don’t know about and if it’s a company then people first choice is to visit the company’s official site. If you choose a free Web hosting site or an ISP to publish your site, then you will end up with a URL looks like – yourbsuinessname. People on the web don’t get that much confidence on this type of domain names as opposed to generic addresses such as does. And since most of the people still don’t yet have that much trust towards Internet and E-commerce, you will want to make sure that your business deserves their money. If you are not ready to pay some money to get registered with an appropriate domain name, then why would customer believe that you would put an extra effort to make their money worthy by creating or providing great products or services? Having your own domain name says you are thinking ahead. You have the interest and resources to be a part of the Digital Revolution, and it also implies that you are equipped to emerge with modern technologies. Believe it or not, having your own domain name might also lead you to a step ahead of your competitors.

Adds mobility to internet presence:

When it comes to the mobility of your internet presence, a domain name plays a vital role. Without owning your own domain name you will not be able to take that name if you think about transferring your web hosts or switching to your in-house server. Without having your own domain name you will have to take a new URL, which not only cost some extra money but on the other side, you will destroy the branding that you have already built up with your first address. So, it would be a lifelong positive investment getting an own registered domain name.

Getting walk-in business:

For getting walk-in business the right domain name plays a great role. If your domain name matches your business concept, you might catch the first attention of the Web surfers who are in search of that topic. For example, an online store that sells grocery might get visitors who’re looking for grocery item online on the registered name Although the results of the search engine are quite hard to predict, still could show up in the first place and more frequently in the search results when customers search for information about groceries.

Building brand awareness:

When it comes to a question of how to increase your brand awareness a domain name is on the first place for any digital or online business. A domain name builds your brand and if it matches your business name then it gets reinforced, making it easier for the customers to remember and return to your again and again. If you want to get viral and win the business by word of mouth, then a domain makes it easier because the customer will remember your name and pass it to their peers.

A perfect domain name can go far towards getting traffic to your Web site and generating more sales, building your reputation and again that in turn will result in more customers and better sales. When your domain name is simpler to pronounce it becomes the voice of people, people say it out loud and spread both vertically and horizontally and you get your desired outcome.