Officials of ICANN Asia Pacific Visited Bangladesh

2019-04-17T17:21:46+06:00September 10th, 2018|Latest Articles|

Recently being recognized as the very first Bangladeshi “Accredited Registrar” of the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN, a team of officials of ICANN Asia Pacific visited Bangladesh.

Mr. Jia Rong, Vice President and Managing Director of Asia Pacific, ICANN, Ms. Dilpreet Kaur, Global Stakeholder Engagement Program Manager of Asia Pacific, ICANN, and Mr. Samiran Gupta, Head of India, ICANN had the visit.

In this visit, they discussed various issues related to the future of domain users and domain businesses in Bangladesh. They also discussed about how to create technological infrastructures relating to this business in Bangladesh.

After Innovadeus got the accreditation from ICANN. This team of officials of ICANN Asia Pacific came to wish and have a meeting with the Innovadeus team. The ICANN delegates mentioned that they have found Bangladesh as one of the most technologically emerging countries. And it has great prospects for IT service businesses.

During their visit, they visited the Innovadeus’s office and facilities. As well as had meetings with Innovadeus tech team. In the meeting, they have provided various guidelines and ensured to support Innovadeus at the highest level to develop domain business in Bangladesh.

Innovadeus’s managing director Mr. Mehedi Hasan said, “It was the second visit form the ICANN to congratulate and wish us on our new journey as ICANN accredited registrar. They ensured us to support through our business development period to hold and sustain the development. We are also expecting to have visits from other renowned IT service providers around the world as we are working towards the dream of Digital Bangladesh.”

He also added, “Innovadeus’s goal is to make the young generation aware of the development of the information technology through various events”. He added that Innovadeus will also work toward creating and developing sustainable employment opportunities in this sector.

Innovadeus Pvt Ltd is a sister concerns of Pandughar Limited, the country’s one of the leading group of companies. Widely recognized and renowned Dhaka Ice-cream Industries Ltd (Polar Ice-cream), Urban Design and Development Ltd (UDDL), Interstoff Apparels Ltd, South East Garments Pvt Ltd, Riverstone Capital Ltd, Rigalo Private Ltd. and etc. are the members of the group.

Innovadeus’s dream is to develop the ICT service sector of Bangladesh to international standard. And make a name for Bangladesh in the international ICT market. In order to build Digital Bangladesh Innovadeus is planning to launch and serve newer technologies and services. While encouraging the young generation to do better and to enable them to keep pace with the world.