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As technology continuously innovating to make our life easier, we could see that almost all of the tools that could aid us in our everyday life are now available in our smartphones in the form of mobile applications. Who would think that notebooks, calendars, telecommunication, camera and even transportation booking would fit in a small device? It is really fascinating that how mobile applications definitely make every transactions of our life easier and faster.

No wonder why mobile development is one of the most booming in sector in the world. Every industry has their own applications that improves their customer interaction and direct marketing which also enable them to gain more profits. On the other hand, it’s not just the big companies who benefits, but small and medium enterprises as well.

Did you not wonder why your google play store or app store are always upgrading your applications? The numbers of smartphone users rapidly increases every single day. Thus, it inspires newbie developers to pursue their career in mobile application development which creates more doors of innovation for the industry.

It is very important not to be left behind on the continuous innovation of technology that people are using every day. But in order to have a vision on the future of mobile applications, here we list down some new trends that could aid us raise our expectations.

The ultra-portable devices

Have you heard about the wearable devices? Yes! There are now devices becoming an accessories which make it more portable which is very efficient in our everyday life. According to the statistics, over a hundred million of wearable devices are being shipped across the globe having a different kinds of customers. It just shows how people are willing to pay hundreds and even thousands of their money just to have this kind of devices. The smartphones fit into watch such as the Apple Watch and the Microsoft’s Hololens defines a change in computing and a process of innovations from smartphones going to smart wearables. Thus, a new industry is set to boom that opens another opportunity for developers, sellers and even makers of accessories. We do not know where would this trends could take us, we might just be surprised one day if there would be mobile shoes (just like in the James Bond movie) or smart jewelries. But through all of this, one thing is for sure, the flow of information would become almost limitless.

IoT – Internet of Things

I wonder if you’ve already watch the “Iron Man” movie where Tony Sparks just talk with his computer “Jarvis” in order to get whatever he needs. That’s how internet of things could change the way we live. Different objects in our households, offices and every structures such as toys, sports equipment, power sockets and even light bulbs could all be connected in a device. Thus, making it more accessible for its owners regardless of where they are. Imagine holding just a tablet or a smartphone would allow you to control almost everything in a single click. Companies are now investing millions of dollars in order to improve the internet of things that will surely make a lot of smart objects available in the market on the year 2020.

Augmented reality technology

Obviously, nothing could beat reality. However, technology creates ways in order to make things more accessible even in a virtual form. The technology of augment reality change the way people view things, today when someone is studying to operate a plane or a boat, there are now machines such as airplane or boat simulators that enable them to interact as if they are really on the scenario. Augmented technology also changes the structure of games in our time, more people today are going for the virtual rather than the physical. Companies are making different versions of virtual boxes that are continuously becoming viral on the internet today. As Apple and Google created their versions such as AR Kit and AR Core, therefore, developers are challenged to create high quality of applications.

Blockchain Technology

Have you heard about Bitcoin? It is a type crypto-currency which could be used in the internet to buy things such as food and clothes, there are also people who buy Bitcoins as an investment hoping that it would increase its value someday. Anyway, many crypto-currency such as Bitcoin uses blockchain technology in order to maintain their credibility. It is like a digital account book that tracks economic transactions that can be used in recording on not just financial transactions but with everything. When innovated and used properly, the Blockchain technology could help us in so many ways in areas that we do business. It could even change the way on how we use fiat money or physical money. Expect more on its innovations as a lot of developers and companies is interested on its power.

Mobile wallets

This might be the continuation of the last topic, mobile wallets are virtual wallets that contains the records of our money. Today, we could shop in different online stores using our credit and debit cards for payment systems, but a lot of customers prefer to pay digital cash so they could still shop even on physical stores. In order to do this, people will use digital wallet applications, there are a lot of wallets available in the market today. Google also has their own which is the Google Wallet and the Apple with their Apply Pay. Customer would become more comfortable with this option.

The artificial intelligence

Nowadays, the artificial intelligence not just only seen in the movies. There are robots available in the market who are useful in assisting some household chores. Although large companies has the only capability in developing Artificial Intelligence, this however makes a door for mobile developers to expand their creations that could help in operating different artificial intelligence.

Technology is almost limitless in possibilities, we cannot deny that it is really changing the way we live. In doing business, everyone should keep an eye on the trends that could help them in their ventures.